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Beary fun bus miami

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Beary fun bus miami

My sincere thanks to you and all involved. He would be so honoured. Rob Sweeting Chairmen Gauteng Air Force Association As a guest of the RLI, I sat at a fine dinner table with the charming daughter and grandson of one of those men who had "a face of a boy and fought like a lion" when we needed them. I look forward to receiving your pen picture of Pete's life. If I have left anyone out please relay this message to them. It was a fine tribute to the old and bold of this magnificent former unit, and invoked many nostalgic memories not only for me but all who served. Les was one of the 'Originals' joining the RLI in when the unit was still at Brady Barracks and so it is a sad farewell to another comrade.

Beary fun bus miami

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Davis committed to NC State and their coach was fired.

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