All joke aside comedy club. On the night All Jokes Aside opened, more than two decades ago, the headliner was a young comedian named Jamie Foxx. In footage from that night, he looks thin, rangy and less certain than the swaggering Oscar-winner he became. The comedy club itself looks a little uncertain, too. At first, it rented.

All joke aside comedy club

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All joke aside comedy club

We were a good team. At the time, I adhered to the philosophy that I observed working with great comedians: They had branded themselves a "Black" comedy club and would carry that legacy with them when they attempted to broaden their clubs appeal. Even a job as good as the one I had. Watch a trailer, below. One infamous Black alderwoman actually professed her loyalty to one of Chicago's more dominant white comedy institutions. They would also learn about Chicago, still one of America's most segregated cities.

All joke aside comedy club

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