Fun family home evening object lessons. it's sometimes easy to glance around and feel like the tiniest dot on the landscape. And how much influence for good can a tiny dot have anyway? Plenty! Not convinced? You can prove it during your next family home evening. Object lesson time! Warning: The awesometer in this particular lesson is very nearly pegged.

Fun family home evening object lessons

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Fun family home evening object lessons

Have family members share memories of when they were baptized. What kinds of treasures might we find as we do our duties? Think of a goal you want to achieve as a family. Make lists of things to think about during the sacrament that can remind you of what Jesus did for us and that will help you stay reverent. He wants you to find help and happiness. If your family already reads the scriptures together every day, talk about how you can make your scripture study more meaningful. How did this show faith?

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Family Home Evening Activity: Crush 2-Liter Soft Drink Bottle with Air

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Fun family home evening object lessons


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