Funny rugby idiots. Aug 18,  · Rugby World Cup Novice fans offered idiot's guide to the laws Fans not up to speed with complicated laws will have chance to listen to dumbed-down in.

Funny rugby idiots

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Funny rugby idiots

However, the flanker dropped the ball before he could ground it, and as Natal were clearly the better side all game, I ruled that he had dropped the ball down, not forward, and awarded the try. Sounds like a member of a boy band, but actually a very high kick. Or is that wrong? Five minutes later it was all over, the Wallabies winning David Campese caught a drop-goal attempt near his own try line, grounded it for a restart at the metre line, and everything was fine. The Lions beat the Boks for the frst time ever on home soil, then set about dismantling their hotel at the after-party.

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Funny Rugby Fails Compilation Part 1

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Funny rugby idiots


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