Joke golf clubs. Ball Locating Drone Golf Joke. I dont know how much you paid for that ball-locating drone, but Im guessing it would have been cheaper.

Joke golf clubs

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Joke golf clubs

Some of us at Riviera are envious of it, but we love our golf course," says a Riviera member. The " Compare Drivers " tool is available today, and it won't be long before we add a "Compare Irons" section as well. And because our reviews are scored based on actual launch monitor data, this new feature is even more valuable to anyone interested in knowing what club works best for his game. And there's also a strict policy against cell phones anywhere, even in the parking lot. Larry David, adds one member, "wins most improved golfer" and is an 11 handicap. A bastion of bankers and corporate execs, LACC remains hands-down the most clannish and is known for shunning entertainment types in general. During one of Curb Your Enthusiasm's golf scenes, David notes that the owners of the show's fictional course are Japanese, a reference to the management at Riviera.

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Joke golf clubs


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