Fun size twix calories. Shrinky-dink Twix. The thing about it is, I love a Twix and if I’m honest I’m a massive fan of Mars, despite their chocolate not being the best and their.

Fun size twix calories

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Fun size twix calories

Try these tips to avoid Halloween weight gain. The first fun size candies were Snickers and Milky Way. In the above comparison certain candy has as much as 10 more grams of saturated fat than some of the others. Also, "fun size" and "snack size" are often on the packaging, but these sizes are not standard. But, that's how it is. You can satisfy that craving with a calorie chocolate bar, or you can do it with a couple of 25 calorie rolls of Smarties. His employer, Wunderlee Candy Company, began mass-producing the sweet in the early s, originally calling it Chicken Feed.

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