Is hershey park fun for teenagers. The Hershey Fun Factor for Teens. For all you first-timers, Hershey has two parts: the theme park, and Hershey's Chocolate World. The main draw of the latter is a ride that shows you how Hershey's products are made. It may surprise you to learn, as it did me, that there hasn't been a real operating factory in.

Is hershey park fun for teenagers

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Is hershey park fun for teenagers

Sky Rush is a high speed, zero-gravity coaster that will send you to new heights. Kids of all ages can try their hand at surfing on the Waverider. She is hooked now. Friendly guides provide free tours about an hour long of the A man from rural Pennsylvania, with little formal education and even less money, Hershey somehow managed to build a candy empire from the Hershey Park is a family favorite for east coast residents because it is easily accessible and offers attractions for every age in the family. Then turn sideways and spin out of control as it comes back to the ground.

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