Grumpy little dogs and practical jokes. Watch America's Funniest Home Videos - Season 23, Episode 9 - Grumpy Little Dogs and Practical Jokes: Cranky dogs; practical jokes gone wrong; special guest Carrie Ann Inaba.

Grumpy little dogs and practical jokes

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Grumpy little dogs and practical jokes

Tears ensued all around. But simply because she is small and adorable and docile, and I can spoil her all I want without it causing the slightest problem. These wolves have the very peculiar trait of being vegetarians. So everyones sees the results but her. And although they have not become great flyers, they have all at least become experts at falling. Fly Guy is a champion when it comes to flying. Otherwise, she is a remarkably docile and friendly dog, and I consider it a win-win that I can give her all the privileges she wants.

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