Hye joke. The It Amused Me trope as used in popular culture. This is the motivation of an amoral character seeking well, amusement. It's not that they enjoy being .

Hye joke

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Hye joke

I guess that I do kind of have a goal. Director Hong and Director Jin discuss the future of the hospital as they play golf. He regrets not holding onto her then. Crocodile constantly sent sandstorms to Yuba to keep hindering the efforts of an optimistic old man searching for water. She asks why, and he responds: Very old and very powerful Eldritch Abominations tend to also get very bored. He even admits that he could just blow up the Earth and be done with it, but would much rather hunt down and kill every last human on the planet one by one, savoring their fear and despair as he does so , and then go to other planets and repeat the process because he finds it more entertaining.

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💣 Joke (SongSongCouple, Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki)

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Hye joke


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