Mennonite jokes mennonite humor. Whaddup, it's Katie, and I'm here today to talk about Mennonites. - In which Katie tells some (un)funny jokes.

Mennonite jokes mennonite humor

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Mennonite jokes mennonite humor

If you are born a Mennonite, or become one, you live a Mennonite, you marry a Mennonite, you die a Mennonite. While staring at it, an old lady in a wheelchair rolls up to it, pushes the button, the door opens, she rolls herself inside and the door closes. The aforementioned Mennonite woman is particularly rotund and filled the bathtub with her body before ever having to add any water. For the most part, I have learned to take Mennonite comments in stride: Legs to her neck. What goes clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop bang bang bang? To do everything in my power not to appear cheap or stingy or schmoozy.

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