Panda grammar joke. The sentence is (i) a famous example of ambiguity, (ii) a lesson in the importance of proper punctuation, and (iii) a slightly obscene joke. It is obviously trying to say that the panda's diet consists of the shoot and leaf parts of plants. However because "shoots" and "leaves" could also be read as verbs, it is difficult not to hear it.

Panda grammar joke

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Panda grammar joke

I saw a sign for 'Book's' with an apostrophe in it, and something deep inside me snapped; snapped with that melancholy sound you hear in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, like a far-off cable breaking in a mine-shaft. Some of Truss's departures from punctuation norms are just British laxness. Illustrated by Pat Byrnes Illustrated ed. Eats, shoots and leaves. And despair was the initial impetus for this book. Truss touches on varied aspects of the history of punctuation and includes many anecdotes, which add another dimension to her explanations of grammar.

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Panda grammar joke


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