Practical jokes at work restaurant. If your co-workers have any self-awareness, they will be on the lookout for pranks -- so expert execution is key. Most pranks work best when the restaurant is kind of busy and employees have less time to think about how ridiculous the situation might be. Here are five of my favorites: 5. Hot sauce injection.

Practical jokes at work restaurant

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Practical jokes at work restaurant

The poor guy nearly had a heart attack. Tell a co-worker that table 21 needs a glass of lemons, a plate of salt, crust from two and a half pieces of bread or any other item only a complete mouth-breather would want. Fill the cup with soda, and when your target picks it up, the soda will pour out the bottom as soon as they move the straw. Start off with a wonderful bottle from Tuscany perhaps? One year, I dipped cotton balls in chocolate and arranged them nicely in a candy box. Being a kind of superior I couldn't really be direct in my vocalizing my displeasure so I just fucked with him from the background. Aaron May, Chef and Restaurateur I was working for a high-profile chef in New York who was known to keep a cocktail in his Styrofoam cup while expediting.

Practical jokes at work restaurant

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6 Harmless Office Pranks

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