Funny police dispatch calls. Jan 18,  · The center that handles calls for Natrona County is understaffed, under-supervised and overworked, according to an outside review of the Casper Police.

Funny police dispatch calls

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Funny police dispatch calls

Their rise in popularity has organizations like the Utah Division of Emergency Management and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention capitalizing on their popularity. By setting up voicemail extensions for individual officers, people could directly contact the officers who worked their cases and bypass the communications center. Harris was unable to get up, but managed to grab his cell phone and yell obscenities at the operator. He thinks the punishment is unfairly applied to defendants depending on what part of the state they live in. Dodge County Sheriff's Patrol Captain Molly Soblewski said Riese told officers that Hanson, who is paralyzed, was on the floor of the hallway inside the smoke-filled house.

Funny police dispatch calls

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Boy dies after 911 dispatcher says 'Deal with it yourself'

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