Funny porridge jokes. polytheismpaganismgaelic polytheismbeginners guidesaint-felicity. notes. Loading Show more notes. Reblog. anonymous asked: Uhm.. can I please ask for an OTBS headcanon where the mc over works herself and collapses hehe? Yes I can! I tried to make them all different, and made one funny! Hope you.

Funny porridge jokes

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Funny porridge jokes

Although halfway you stumbled, placing a hand to your head and another in a near by filing cabinet. I tried to make them all different, and made one funny! The team gathered around to see if you were ok, as he picked you up and shoved your face in his chest, he took you to the roof where he let you sleep on his lap till you woke up. You hated surprises and this one was no different. He was on his was back from the break room, getting you both a cup of coffee and you some soup as he walked back into the office.

Funny porridge jokes

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Fletcher knows best - Porridge - BBC classic comedy

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She picked up so many things, which included what it is like to possess a wonderful helping nature to have men and women very easily learn about a number of tortuous subject matter.

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