Funny squig herder names. Goblin Shaman - Gankyspanky Fire Wizard - Hot luvin' Melmoth - of course from Melmoth the Wanderer, my fave gothic horror novel. Smelldog - an old childhood insult, now used to name my Gobbo Squig herder. Regards Melmoth. My black orcs name is Kiblsnbits. Deewe Member UncommonPosts: 1,What are your opinions on how the races look.

Funny squig herder names

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Funny squig herder names

If the Squig Herder ends up being a hunter clone then I will probably end up changing to a different character. A squig herder may only bring one squig with him into battle, and must choose amongst the breeds available to him which squig will be most important to his fighting situation. From what I can tell the Squig Herder seems to be more like the mastermind than the hunter. You may only have a single squig out at a time and you also gain a 30s cooldown on that breed of squig when you lose control of him. They are great for guarding a pastern door to keep enemies from entering a keep. The Herder has light armour and will not do well when presented with direct melee damage, relying on his crowd control abilities and allies to get distance. Chompy's a right devil he is!

Funny squig herder names

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Melee Squig Herder Tier 3(Watch in HD and Full Screen)

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