Funeral luncheon salads. Welcome to Fandangles’ Catering Center. Your efforts to provide quality food for a meeting of business associates, family or friends is often a daunting task.

Funeral luncheon salads

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Funeral luncheon salads

Funeral Potatoes, a cheesy hash browns casserole, is so ubiquitous in Utah that they are called Mormon Potatoes, too. A good, old-fashioned Texas sheet cake with a thick layer of chocolate frosting and pecans will fortify even the saddest constitution. The Jewish custom of Seudat Havra'ah is probably the most straightforward about the true intent of a post-funeral meal: But what do you take to a family in mourning? It's only a temporary fix, of course.

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Hot German Potato Salad! Noreen's Kitchen Family Favorite!

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Funeral luncheon salads


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