John russell houston funeral. Feb 04,  · John Houston, 82, the father of Whitney Houston and a longtime theatrical manager, died Sunday morning from cardiac arrest after.

John russell houston funeral

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John russell houston funeral

Funeral Services will be held Saturday, December 3rd at 3: John's wife, Barbara, filed her own lawsuit against Whitney in December of Roberta Brooke Russell — , who was married to John Dryden Kuser from until their divorce in Russell John R. After a short period of service with the new organization John retired and spent the next years attending to personal financial interests. The album sold six million copies worldwide and scored hit singles with " I Believe in You and Me " and " Step by Step ", becoming the largest selling gospel album of all time. He died in February of , and the case was dismissed not long thereafter.

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Whitney Houston's Funeral And Burial Photos - 02/18-02/19/12

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John russell houston funeral


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