Mcguinness funeral. Sinn Féin former deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness dies at the age of The funeral of Martin McGuinness has been the biggest in Derry in decades. Tens of.

Mcguinness funeral

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Mcguinness funeral

One legacy of Martin and the IRA is that the moral compass of the Northern republican community in particular has been so damaged by 30 years of IRA armed struggle, horror and lies that its former ability to call a lie a lie and an injustice an injustice has been degraded. A floating lantern service in Honolulu, HI. Please send your "Funeral Personalization Success Story" and photo s to jess. Is it gross shame or fear of minimal post Good Friday Agreement prosecution or both? A personalized pillow made from a shirt.

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Full speech: Bill Clinton's eulogy for Martin McGuinness

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Mcguinness funeral


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