2004 carson fun runner titan. This has water heater, awning, propane tanks, 2nd battery, and other features. You can take a look at this toy.

2004 carson fun runner titan

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2004 carson fun runner titan

Then next thing I know we are out of control and the TH is pulling us back and forth across 3 lanes, we are out of control, never been so scared in my life!!!!!!!!!!! So we are trying to figure out what to do really fast, he says the manual override on the controller reaches over cause I am trying to hold on to the wheel and he starts pushing the lever over to the left, thank God the TH starts to stop swaying and straightens the truck and trailer out and I finally get everything under controll and pull over. We got one of the Yamaha inverters and are super pleased with it. I really thought I was going to be "that guy" that closed RT 78 right before rush hour, We get out, thought maybe we blew some tires or something to make that happen, everything appears fine. Any recommendations on what manufacturers to look at and which ones to avoid?

2004 carson fun runner titan

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2003 Carson Fun Runner 16' Toy Hauler Trailer

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