Anemometer fun facts. Take the Wind Speed Challenge. Anemometer. An anemometer will help show you how fast the wind is going by spinning cups around. The faster the wind is moving the.

Anemometer fun facts

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Anemometer fun facts

On 24 June , another of Tim's probes recorded a millibar pressure plunge in a violent tornado near Manchester, SD National Geographic report. Tornadoes can last from several seconds to more than an hour. A rain gauge collects rain and measures how much has fallen. There is a statistical trend as documented by NSSL's Harold Brooks toward wide tornadoes having higher damage ratings. That has to be left to the world of computer simulations of tornadoes. Some small " rope " tornadoes still can cause violent damage of EF4 or EF5 ; and some very large tornadoes over a quarter-mile wide have produced only weak damage equivalent to EF0 to EF1.

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