British virgin islands fun facts. Here are informative and interesting facts you should know about the BVI. They will help ensure you have a safe and fun stay in the Islands. Immigration/Travel Information: The principal requirement for entry into The British Virgin Islands is a valid passport. Visitors from some countries may also require a visa for entry.

British virgin islands fun facts

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British virgin islands fun facts

Members of an extended kindred tend to live in the same area or community, building their individual homes on jointly held family land. Entry and immigration British Virgin Islands legislation requires that all persons of non-British Virgin Islanders status who are engaged in any form of employment must hold a valid entry permits. Most commercial activities are related to tourism and financial services and include a flourishing charter yacht and water sports industry, restaurants and bars, guesthouses, villas and small luxury hotels, banks, trust companies, communications and telecommunications, and real estate sales and management. When uprooted from their motherland, our African ancestors took with them as much of their culture as they could. As is common throughout the Caribbean, individuals may enter into unions without marriage, although there is social preference for and a higher social status accrues to a legal marriage union. The peak tourist season for the Islands is from December to May, but this has more to do with the weather in North America and Europe than it does with the reliably balmy Virgin Islands weather.

British virgin islands fun facts

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Top 5 Things to do in the British Virgin Islands

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