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Coquina fun facts

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Coquina fun facts

Coquina stone is still used as decorative landscape material today, even as the live descendants of those shells continue to dot our beaches with squirming specks of color. After food has been taken up, the clam send the used water out of the excurrent siphon which drains the clam. We deliver to a general site location by our subcontractors and landscapers. You may view a large selection of our coquina rock when you visit our two storage locations, one in Daytona Beach, and one in Ormond Beach, Florida. The house that once stood on a vast tract of land directly across the river from Orton was described by local historian and author James Sprunt as "the grandest colonial residence of the Cape Fear". Your very own version of Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, found in your back yard.

Coquina fun facts

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Surprisingly talented tiny coquina clams!

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