Fizzy fun toys. Fizzy's Toy show features popular toys from Disney movies and children's TV programs on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Disney Jr., as well as well loved Play-Doh.

Fizzy fun toys

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Fizzy fun toys

With this recipe, you only have to let them sit for about 10 minutes before you unmold them and let them dry for a few hours. My just turned 5 year old was fascinated by fizzing and my 3 year old just wanted to touch and play with the cloud dough. It is a sensory play dough as well as a science experiment. When this happens, just be sure to mix the wet pieces to the non-reactive dry really fast and it should stop. If you want to make cupcakes out of these, line each cup in a muffin pan with plastic wrap. I love the dual functionality of this fizzing cloud dough. The good news about this is that kids are fascinated by this part and will be more than happy to measure the ingredients.

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Fizzy fun toys


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