Fun facts about lichen. Such is the case with lichens. I've known about lichens since childhood, but it turns out I never really knew anything about them at all. I always assumed they were like mosses, vegetable-like things that grew on the ground, rocks, and trees. In fact, lichens are not even one organism; they are a delicate.

Fun facts about lichen

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Fun facts about lichen

It has been claimed that lichens may aid in dating the exposure of rocks in glacial moraines or in rock slides. Fruticose lichens are clearly three dimensional, growing vertically as stalks or shrubby cushions or hanging down from branches or rock faces with hair- or strap-shaped branches. More usually, the algae are the green alga Trebouxia. Foliose lichens are attached to the substrate directly by the lower surface or by means of tiny hairlike structures called rhizines. They have been important in history, because they could supply orcein , a dye. Lichen reproduction is rather complex because at least two organisms are involved.

Fun facts about lichen

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