Fun facts about spinosaurus. Spinosaurus Facts for Kids. Check out these cool Spinosaurus facts for kids and learn about what might have been the largest meat eating dinosaur ever!

Fun facts about spinosaurus

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Fun facts about spinosaurus

Birds descended from a type of dinosaurs known as theropods. Fast Facts You pronounce their name 'spin-oh-sore-us'. Wikimedia Commons When dealing with fossils, some assembly is usually required. Spinosaurus is also considered to be an advanced theropod walks on two legs , with a fairly high intelligence-which is measured by its brain size to body weight. Wikimedia Commons Spinosaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the Middle Cretaceous period, about million years ago, in what is now Egypt, Morocco, and the Republic of Niger. Spinosaurus The meaning of Spinosaurus is Spine Lizard They were the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on Earth They could weigh as much as 3 elephants They could stand over 6 stories high They lived around Egypt and Morocco They lived during the Cretaceous period About Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in what is now Northern Africa during the Cretaceous period—about million years ago.

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