Fun with strums ukulele. Think you can match the Kamaka Ukulele with the Celebrity?

Fun with strums ukulele

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Fun with strums ukulele

This is called Partido Alto and brings some Latin touch in the strumming. Nixon and Mike Warren http: In January , as a manufacturer of fine ukuleles for 80 years, Kamaka Hawaii was featured on Fox Cable 2 from New York City, transmitted live from Hawaii via satellite. According to Sam, Jr. Plus there's special guests, exclusive interviews, and a community of uke enthusiasts from all over the world. Since , Kamaka has continued its practice of allowing the koa wood to age for four years, rather than kiln dry. Manuel Nunes, Maderian woodworker and one of the pioneers of the Hawaiian ukulele The poor, sea-weary immigrants finally arrived in Honolulu Harbor on a quiet Saturday in August of

Fun with strums ukulele

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