Funny facts about warthogs. The jungles of Africa are filled with certain animal species that can't be found anywhere else in the world. One of these rare species is the warthog. Probably the most feared member of the pig family, warthogs can be found in the grasslands, woodlands, and savanna regions of the Sub-Saharan Africa. Let's uncover some.

Funny facts about warthogs

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Funny facts about warthogs

They weigh a hefty to lbs. Of course, if the threat is more serious, such as a lion or a leopard, then the warthogs wisely retreat, their tails still raised high. Males normally live by themselves, only joining the groups to mate. Warthogs have padded knees that enable them to eat grass in the kneeling position. Using its snout and tusks, it also digs for bulbs, tubers and roots during the dry season.

Funny facts about warthogs

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Facts about warthogs finale, Warthog. Sub- Saharan Warthogs.

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