Is funner or more fun correct. To form the comparative form of an adjective, you typically follow one of two rules: short adjectives are made comparative by adding –er (i.e. quiet = quieter); long adjectives are made comparative by adding "most" in front of the adjective (i.e. expensive = more expensive). However, fun is a word that has not traditionally.

Is funner or more fun correct

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Is funner or more fun correct

Is Fun a Noun? What everyone agrees on is the fact that fun is a noun. The objection to funner was originally grammatical, and the Copyediting post does make an appeal to grammar. In all of the above sentences, fun is being used as if it were an adjective. In this post, I hope to reach some type of middle ground between these two camps and advise the average writer on how to proceed with the word fun. Fun, traditionally, functioned as a noun and was not considered an adjective.

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English Grammar - Comparing: funner & faster or more fun & more fast?

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Is funner or more fun correct


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