Bruised elbow funny bone. What if you also experience swelling and inflammation after you bruise your elbow? When you bruise your elbow it's usually a result of receiving a sharp blow or trauma where your elbow strikes a hard surface. Many people refer to striking their elbow as hitting their 'funny bone'. When you hit your 'funny bone', it's not the.

Bruised elbow funny bone

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Bruised elbow funny bone

Soreness or pain felt on the outside lateral part of the elbow may be tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis. Soreness or pain in the inner medial part of the elbow may be golfer's elbow. How long have you had your symptoms? Both are managed with pain killers and rest. You can begin the following stretching exercises within three days of the injury, once the swelling is down. Broken bones fractures of the upper arm bone humerus or the forearm bones ulna or radius at the elbow joint.

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Can You Break Your Funny Bone?

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Bruised elbow funny bone


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