Funny car commercials learning spanish. And One More Thing for Your Spanish Idiom Learning Arsenal If you like learning Spanish idioms, then you’ll love FluentU. FluentU takes real-world videos like.

Funny car commercials learning spanish

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Funny car commercials learning spanish

Then when there are no more asses to add, the machine just spanks him. After she gets the job, her skills are put to test in a cocktail party with an actual Finnish person. Ella nunca va a cambiar. Watch it again, this time aiming to recognize more words or phrases. During their first battle, Alternate Universe Kite attempts to do an ultimate, jumps from Kyle's bed, then face-plants into the ground, knocking himself out. Finally, turn off the subtitles and watch the segment again. Humphrey makes some strange hand gestures while claiming to translate for the "Indians" at one point, and these gestures actually mean "Jesus Christ is dead".

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Learn Spanish: Really funny language commercial [Spanish Podcast]

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Funny car commercials learning spanish


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