Funny diablo clan names. In WoW, what are some guild names that you've come across that you've found hilarious? For me, it was "Raiders of The Fridge." Thatsnotmilk 45 Tauren Druid posts · Thatsnotmilk. Ignored. Mar 9, Copy URL. View Post. The guild name "Come Honor Chest" was one of  Funniest guild names.

Funny diablo clan names

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Funny diablo clan names

In doing so the Demons expanded enormously in power and the land soon fell into their power. Actually they have a very robust guild system but that's besides the point. The three-character code is a carryover from previous traditions, of course. The first baby to be born, then the result of the union between angels and humans, was the first of the Blood Angels, a race of beings half man half angel with extraordinary strength and with the sole purpose of destroying the Demons. The clan tags also have other bonuses, such as instant recognition kind of.

Funny diablo clan names

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