Afl funny pictures. Nov 30,  · AFL: With the national and rookie drafts now complete, AFL clubs have finalised their lists for season Over the next two days I'm going to look at.

Afl funny pictures

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Afl funny pictures

After kicking Travis and Theo out, Tracy is invited to sit with the Warners while Walter offers his son-in-law a chance to cut the turkey. Becca stands up to Travis, who is immediately knocked down by Crawl who reveals he majored in karate for two semesters at school. Becca tries to interject the truth about Crawl's proposal, but he stops her, saying they hadn't yet decided on a wedding date and they want to wait a little bit before making the decision; hinting he intends to legitimately propose to Rebecca, and having a proper relationship the Warners will respect. And when Walter's father Walter Sr. While shopping for clothes, Crawl meets Tracy; a friend of Becca's from school.

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Afl funny pictures

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