Funny cb radio lingo. The CB radio was invented in by Al Gross, the inventor of the walkie-talkie, who later started the Citizens Radio Corporation. By , the costs to produce the.

Funny cb radio lingo

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Funny cb radio lingo

The movie Smokey and the Bandit did a lot for this cause—people mounted portable radios under the dash of their cars to use for short-distance person-to-person communication. You got your ears on means "are you on the air, can you hear me? Spud town - Boise Idaho Squelch - Control on radio which silences the speaker until a signal of a certain strength breaks through it. This metal box that sat on your desk held all of your contacts, neatly written or typed via a typewriter and filed on cardboard cards. Looking for Smiley Face:

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Funniest trucker Milkman CB comedian

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Funny cb radio lingo

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