Funny christmas newsletter examples. Make this year's CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER or YEAR IN REVIEW even more interesting, stylish, enjoyable to write, and fun to read. This Newsletter Explore Newsletter Ideas, Newsletter Templates, and more! . Make this years CHRISTMAS LETTER or YEAR IN REVIEW more interesting, stylish and fun! Christmas.

Funny christmas newsletter examples

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Funny christmas newsletter examples

All right, you can brag once, but follow it with something that proves you don't think you're better than everyone else. I guess it takes the pressure off when Nancy shows me the lighter side, which, strangely, also turns out to be the darker side. Pick an incident or season and write about it in enough detail people will know what it was like. Happy holidays from the PurpleTrail team! I may or may not have changed some names in her newsletter to protect the innocent guilty.

Funny christmas newsletter examples

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