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Funny van dannen saharasand

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Funny van dannen saharasand

His songs are humorous and thoughtful, to such a degree that audience reaction, generally generous laughter, is a key aspect of his recordings, taking the place of the absent backing band in a way. Ein sehr tolles Lied. Funny van Dannen steht ja auch auf dem Bild: He then trailed off from that influential Berlin-based band to focus more intently on his books and solo recordings, as well as his paintings and family. The dissolution of Die Lassie Singers was partly on account of van Dannen's solo career, which began with Clubsongs , released by Trikont, a Munich-based indie, in conjunction with Indigo. Van Dannen recorded albums on a mostly annual basis in the years that followed:

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Funny van Dannen - Zum Leben (Saharasand)

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Funny van dannen saharasand

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