Rafael nadal funny moments. Dec 14,  · Grigor dimitrov joins rafael nadal to play barcelona event ATP Barcelona starts to announce its field for the edition that will take place from.

Rafael nadal funny moments

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Rafael nadal funny moments

Fed will probably win one more slam and announce his retirement. For example, most reasonable people would accept that level Federer would have been able to win some of the 26 grand slam championships that he failed to win between and Obviously he had put in a lot of fitness and conditioning work for Sampras lost in the final of the Cincinnati Masters to Patrick Rafter after a controversial line call. DelPo plastered the ball for the last 4 sets and took Federer out of his comfort zone. Xisca grimaced as she watched her man crash out in a tense game at Wimbledon A friend has previously said of their relationship:

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Rafael Nadal - Funny Moments! PART 1 ♡ (Reupload)

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Rafael nadal funny moments

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