Uncharted funny moments. May 17,  · With Uncharted 4 comes a moment to reflect on those adventures: there were five Uncharted games in total, all of them excellent, but not all of them.

Uncharted funny moments

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Uncharted funny moments

I think awkward is really powerful, and I think women tend to think awkward is weak. Run Through the Jungle First, click Play and get in the mood. Along with playing games, it also was the best and most affordable option for the new Blu-ray format. It is the joy of my life…I feel really lucky to live and work with someone I love so much. Films retain a power and cultural capital that many people who publish video games envy. It makes the conversation a lot more serious. At this same moment in time, Sony presented its new PlayStation 3 not only as a game console, but also as the heart of the home theater.

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Most Epic/Funny Moments In The Nathan Drake Collection - Uncharted 1

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Uncharted funny moments

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