What makes slapstick comedy funny. After we decide the "victim" of slapstick probably didn't come to real harm, we can apply guilt to them for their own actions. So a teenager The vast majority of comedy is someone else's pain or discomfort. Gnarcore . It's not the circumstances that makes something funny or not funny, per se. It's how the.

What makes slapstick comedy funny

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What makes slapstick comedy funny

High comedy is seen as intellectual wit, often set among high society and using clever characterisations and complex situations. While she is not looking, her trolley floats up into the air out of sight. It is kind of violent but there is often a sense of justice if we it means that an idiotic person is taken out of power. Human stupidity is a basic theme in humor.. Don't forget Harold Lloyd http:

What makes slapstick comedy funny

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