Bmj funny christmas articles. The Best of the British Medical Journal’s Goofy Christmas Papers "The essence of the Christmas BMJ is strangeness Scientific Journals Try to Be Funny. Not.

Bmj funny christmas articles

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Bmj funny christmas articles

Taken as a group, healthcare assistants and nurses were the largest consumers of chocolate. Then, as they became adults, the hostility was masked by "humor," and then, as they grew into older men, the response softened further. For this reason, the authors suggest filing these satirical studies separately from regular research. You are already subscribed to this email. An error has occurred. Some articles poke fun at hoary traditions, such as diagnosing ailments in historical figures despite the lack of medical evidence.

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Bmj funny christmas articles


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Tim Johnson on the ABC NewsNow system, Further investigation is actually needed to illuminatewhether, along with enhancements in surgical strategy andperioperative care, enteral nutrition will be actually connected with general reductions in gloom and death.

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