Funny elf names. It's time for the elves to visit our homes for the holidays! Keep things fun with these 30 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, including printables!

Funny elf names

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Funny elf names

Sugar Bunker was the name of a storage site for chemical explosives that operated in the mid-twentieth century. Shorter and more powerful. My kids would love to see the movies he picked out! Deliver-a-Book Elf This is an awesome idea to encourage your kids to read. The " Canopy Walk " has bridges that are up to 50 feet above the forest floor and that sway terrifyingly. The Name Generators project Easy elvish names Top priority on all my generators is usability. Sticker Elf We all have sheets of stickers around the house, so why not let your elf decorate himself with them.

Funny elf names

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Elf on the shelf- name ideas for boy elves

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