Funny monarchy. The Elective Monarchy trope as used in popular culture. The inverse of Hereditary Republic, this is when a monarch does not automatically inherit the throne .

Funny monarchy

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Funny monarchy

However, the wildling king only holds power so long as the wildlings choose to follow him and there are always holdouts like Craster. The signing of such a royal decree constitutionally implies new elections for the house in question and the formation of a new house within three months of dissolution. He also talks about utter economic devastation of America today. They may be asked to stand in from time to time such as to accompany the monarch on a state visit if the consort is ill, but this is always a personal favor and not an official duty. Of course the first time someone claimed the throne that way the Moot had planned it after realizing how insane Cleon III was.

Funny monarchy

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