Funny paralegal shirts. We chat up this sexy redhead about her hot show, superpowers, and her best one-liners.

Funny paralegal shirts

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Funny paralegal shirts

Taking too many Chill Pills during an actual photo-shoot may result in blurry photos and unfiltered brutal honesty. Once you take a Chill Pill, do not confront your sister for at least an hour to allow for a cooling off period. Funny enough, it has more lines than Hamlet! Who knows if what happened that mysterious night got out of their system, or what remains to get out of their system. Once you take a Chill Pill, do not confront your brother for at least an hour to allow for a cooling off period. Repeated exposure to your offender may void the effects of the Chill Pill and cause you to stab someone. What got you on board with the character of Donna?

Funny paralegal shirts

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Licensed Paralegal-we Do LifeStyle Shirts

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