Funny vasectomy memes. It's been said that age is a state of mind. Sometimes a teenager might live a life that is less exciting than a year-old who lives each day to the fullest. Being.

Funny vasectomy memes

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Funny vasectomy memes

Why should you keep your best friends forever? His insisting that "God! Joe Swanson went from just a handicapped character who in fact was greatly competent despite this and admired by everyone because of it to everything involving him leading to a "Get it? The entire character cast has been flanderized to the point where they just roll with it because that's who they are. Just reading it made me want to break out in hives. Brian's failures in dating women was also brought to light when Stewie brought him every single woman Brian dated and had them explain to him why they broke up with him jealous, callous, insecure, pretentious, and has a small penis. He gets flanderized even further into a downright monster in "The Old Man And The Big C" as it's revealed that his company developed a cure for cancer several years ago but he refuses to release it to the public all so he can increase corporate profit by making money off of sick people who have to rely on medication.

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Funny vasectomy memes


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