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Khmer funny clips

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Khmer funny clips

Her and Keo are one of a growing number of social media stars in the Kingdom. She also has blood ties to the royal family, tracing her lineage to her grandmother Princess Norodom Theak. Youtube, Vine, Instagram and facebook have become ways for locals to present an image outside of the standard discussion of Angkor Wat, the Khmer Rouge and politics. Content with her 9, twitter followers, 2, Instagram fans, and almost 10, supporters on her official and unofficial Facebook accounts, Keo was still interested in promoting Cambodian food to other ASEAN countries. Will of the Nursing Student. These are some of the online personas in the spotlight, who are finding a platform on Facebook, Instagram and Vine for their sketches, performances and social commentary. Another parody made by nursing students, this video will surely give you the last song syndrome!

Khmer funny clips

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