Sheltie funny. It's amazing how one paper towel roll and a puppy can be sooo funny. as seen on

Sheltie funny

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Sheltie funny

Two lovely bitches, also imports from Germany have given us and many new owners in ten other countries wonderful puppies that we know will do their share of winning. The adventures in this book are based on actual events in his life, but with some embellishments. To make the Seamus stories more fun to read, the author added a language for the dog that was derived from the canine physical makeup, the intelligence and language of a young child, and a large dose of humorous imagination. Since we have been the editors of the specialized, indepenent breed magazine for Shelties and Collies in the Ukraine, the "Ukrainian Sheltie and Collie Handbook. These physical and mental limitations would be true for all dogs.

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Sheltie funny


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