Funny lineman. Jan 17,  · LARAMIE — Craig Bohl’s coaching staff has put an emphasis on keeping more Wyoming high school talent at home. Never has that been more literal than.

Funny lineman

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Funny lineman

Read More Doubletruck is the home for ESPN storytelling, a place to find great features, investigations and character portraits. A woman in Browns apparel fell asleep in her seat. Strickland was half asleep and thought his soon-to-be-millionaire friend was kidding, but the Badgers' cornerback wrote the check just so he could go back to bed. But Thomas didn't do anything wrong to warrant his boulder. Many of them hunt and fish together, and some of Thomas' best moments come when he is out of cellphone range, away from any noise. For nearly 10 years, he's always believed the same thing:

Funny lineman

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Blast rips off a power line worker's hard hat as he tried to disconnect power in Detroit

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Its amazing the skills we have isnt it?

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