Funny poetry sms jokes in urdu. Here you will find kids urdu story / poems / jokes / kahani / poetry / urdu for kids online.

Funny poetry sms jokes in urdu

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Funny poetry sms jokes in urdu

Diversion is a different critical device in the key to finding joy. Today most recent and most funny urdu jokes are gathered and this have a thought to make greatest gathering of Urdu jokes at this post. From An exceptional joke has itself a lesson. Today diversion is honed in films, plays, tunes, broadcast slots and radio. Assign your menu to primary menu Largest Collection of Latest Funny Urdu Joke Today we share to you most recent funny urdu joke and thought to make this post is to make a grin for our destination guest. So Cleverness, exceptional joke are vital part of existence and when a joke is imparted, it ties individuals as one and expands delight and closeness.

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Funny poetry sms jokes in urdu


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