Nigeria funny comics. Making cartoons is funny and yet serious business. Some of Nigeria's best cartoonists are Mike Asukwo Eb, Basatti and Michael Emenine. Telling stories using art in a comical manner is a trademark of these cartoonists, most times their works come out funny, and sometimes they can be very condemning. Here are some.

Nigeria funny comics

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Nigeria funny comics

So, Basketmouth, the ball's in your court. Basketmouth is just one in a pantheon of international stand-up comedians to use the rape of women as a subject for a cheap laugh British 'comic' and tax avoider Jimmy Carr has been mining this seam for years. This video is from an animated […] House of Ajebo Cartoons — The Bride Prize October 14, 0 House of Ajebo is the creation of Nigerian entertainer Ajebutter — he puts together animated comedy videos and he is quite good. Yet after all this, many are still raped. We teach them not to walk alone after dark, not to be alone with boys, to wear 'decent clothes. It is not yet a big deal here… All rape is abominable, but I tell you if men got raped as often as women, there would be no celebration of rape jokes. In this animated video, Ajebo goes to buy food from an Aboki.

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Nigeria funny comics


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