Exhibiting Your Stunning Pieces

Jewelry Showcases: Exhibiting Your Stunning Pieces

Security is the biggest threat for the retailers but it is of vital importance when it comes to jewelry stores. Your jewelry pieces may be small and intricate as well as valuable. They are fragile too and so choosing the best jewelry showcase will help you to display your items beautifully in front of your customers.

There are indeed different types of jewelry showcases from which you can make a choice. They include the classic showcases, full vision showcases, specialty and others. Let’s talk in detail about the top jewelry display cases that are much preferred by the store owners these days.

Types of jewelry showcases

The Classic

These showcases are also known as the block showcases and they are the most common style available. These types of showcases offer clean and sleep space so as to ensure that the items are displayed in an uncluttered way. These showcases can be placed next to one another to create a sort of seamless look in the retail stores.

Full vision

Then comes the full vision jewelry showcases that have all glass design and which reduces visual obstruction of any sorts. This then creates a type of aesthetic which is modern as well as simple. The full vision cases are a great option when it comes to having wide range of items like watches, jewelry, artifacts etc.

Specialty Jewelry Showcases

The specialty showcases accommodate unique layout of the retail stores with ease. Like there are slipper corners, angles and turns as per the need of the retail store. Then there are freestanding cases which can be customized in square, rectangular or octagonal shapes.

Choosing the right showcase

It is important to note that each jewelry piece has its own specific detailing and lighting can actually accentuate those features even more. In the jewelry display cases, brilliance of the jewels should be brought up by highlighting every cut and facet. This is possible with LED lighting and placing these lights at appropriate angles, making your jewelry pieces look better and more beautiful.

Also, whatever the material or style you choose for the showcase, you need to present each item in it in the best possible manner. Experts say that lighting in the showcase make the best impression when the customers choose the pieces. Though fluorescent and halogen were the preferred options, now LED lighting has taken over as it is cooler and brighter and suitable for the jewelry items.

Moving ahead, jewelry display cabinets enable the jewelry owners or store owners to protect their valuable jewelry from theft and damage. A number of pieces are vulnerable to tarnish and corrosion and so the environment inside the display case reduces oxygen and moisture which can erode the pieces. So it is best to choose the right showcase for your jewelry items and save them from such damages.

In all, the brilliance and sparkle from jewelry pieces enhance the overall ambiance of the store. Most cabinets are built with sleek design and material that augment the room décor even more. So when choosing the best jewelry display cabinet, find the one that will best accentuate and protect your stunning pieces of jewelry.

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