Joke scientology. Non-scientology funnies: Strange Usenet Posts. WWII Game Recap Laughing at Scientology's Expense. What would you get if you cross breed a Borg with a Ferengi?

Joke scientology

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Joke scientology

Steve Carell pushes past Gervais - who has just insulted him - as he and Tina Fey go on stage to present an award 'Girls, we know how old you are. The only thing that would hurt me would be to be accused of some[thing] really horrible, the kind of crimes I jump on people for - Lies, treachery. Mr Rosen are trying to trick me into committing perjury on your behalf? Ricky Gervais insulted just about everyone in Hollywood while hosting the Golden Globe awards in LA last night 'That is not the only reason,' Gervais insisted with a saucy smile. I urge Scientologists to read Reitman's, Urban's and Wright's books! Sixty years ago the pulp sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard created a new religion called Scientology.

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Joke scientology

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